Bus Cleanliness Meeting

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ATU Executive Board members Steve Campbell and Nathan Emmerson
met June 30, 2020 with Ron Graves, Keith LaCroix and Jim Wade from
Raven’s Mobile Pressure Washing to discuss bus cleaning and

Thank you to the members who brought their concerns forward.

Clarification was given on the cleaning duties performed:

  • A sweep and mop of the bus and a wipe down of the driver’s area (steering wheel) is performed weekly. A wipe down of the dashboard is added every second week.
  • Windows are done on an as needed basis.
  • Windshields are done quarterly.
  • Due to Covid-19, sanitizing of the buses has been increased to daily. Only the buses that go out that day are serviced. Yellow touch points (railings, poles, hand holds) and seats (armrests, buckles and clips on seatbelts) are wiped down with disinfectant cleaner. Seats that are folded and stowed or blocked off to maintain physical distancing will not be wiped down.
  • Operations will minimize double shifting buses so these buses will not miss their daily cleaning. Afternoon drivers should talk to their Depot Manager and ask for another bus if their assigned bus was used during the day.
  • Spills on buses need to be reported to dispatch. The spill also needs to be reported to your Depot Manager by filling out the Body Fluid Spill Information Form. Please be as specific as possible to the location of the spill.
  • Fluid Spill Information Form. Please be as specific as possible in the request for service and the location that needs cleaning.

While we appreciate the diligence of our members ensuring buses are being cleaned, marks left on handrails with chalk or pencil may not come off with one daily cleaning. This will give the misconception the handrail was not cleaned, when in fact it was wiped down. This area may require multiple cleaning atempts to get the mark removed. There is a rumor that peanut butter has been used to leave marks in buses. This could cause a serious risk to our workers, the cleaning staff, or any of our clients who may have a peanut allergy and needs to be removed. Drivers who have cleanliness concerns should talk to their Depot Manager to get their concerns rectified. A new bus can be assigned if needed.

We each have a personal responsibility to keep our work area clean, and sanitized. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available to minimize exposure to hazards. Every bus has sanitizing wipes and disinfectant spray for drivers to clean areas used by clients in between trips. Every worker has been given gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and if required, a face shield. Talk to your Depot Manager if you need to replace or re-stock your PPE items. Bulk bottles are available in all depots to refill hand sanitizer and disinfectant bottles. Workers in smaller depots should contact their Depot Manager so items are replenished before they run out.

We are a team. Please do your part and we will all get through this together.



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