Covid Update - Apr 2nd 2020

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On March 30, 2020 we were called by a member who has tested positive for COVID 19. We then were contacted by management who explained their course of action based on Health Authority protocols. We requested that management publicise those protocols, which they agreed to do. First Transit takes their direction from the Health Authority as to what measures and protocols they are to follow when notified of a potential case including who needs to be contacted and what they are expected to do.

In addition, there was a member that came to work not feeling well, who may have been in contact with a COVID positive family member. Management called us and explained that they had taken direction from the Health Authority. This direction included full disinfection of the call centre and contact with the employees that the Health Authority instructed them to contact.

ATU Local 1724 was included in a conference call with top level Transit and Health Care Authorities on April 1. with a further meeting scheduled for Friday April 3. One of the goals of the meeting was to improve access to supply of PPE for para-transit operators in B.C. We were also assured that the renal patients are the most screened and monitored clients within the communities. Protocols and communication for workers is also a focus.

Daily we are in contact with the employer, our ATU International and Canadian leaders. Local 1724 answers calls and emails from members and we work to get factual up to date messages out, we have sent letters to governments, medical and transit authorities to raise awareness of what our workers do on a daily basis and demand better protection. Our efforts to ensure your wellbeing have not been without obstacles.

We thank those who have come forward with suggestions and solutions and encourage members to continue to contact us. It is important to recognise that no one has been through a pandemic of this proportion. We will continue to advocate and fight to protect our workers. We must all work together toward solutions in this crisis

We care about you and your families and want to make sure you are safe at work. We ask that everyone please be responsible both at home and in your workplace. This Virus has no boundaries.

In Solidarity Mark Beeching



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