Covid Update - Apr 3rd 2020

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Conference Call with Health and Transit Authorities

We participated in the second call with over 40 Transit and Health Authorities. It is encouraging that HandyDART is the focus of these serious planning sessions. These were some of the action items:

  • We need better access to supplies -TransLink and Coast Mountain procurement departments are working on this including but not limited to masks, gloves, disinfectant, wipes etc.
  • Dialysis and Cancer clients are the most screened and monitored, no COVID positive clients are being sent by HD.
  • Health authorities will be working with TransLink and Coast mountain to host webinars or Q&A forums for employees soon.
  • Messaging to our workers from health authorities will be distributed.

News Items

We were contacted by news media. The information ATU 1724 sent to our members yesterday was confirmed.

This information is:

  • A Richmond driver was tested positive with COVID 19
  • That driver has not worked since March 23
  • The health authority performs a trace of all possible contacts. Thus far there have been no further positive cases reported.
  • The office worker who came to work with symptoms was sent home. First Transit, under direction of health authorities, acted on protocol to isolate those who were in contact with that worker and performed a deep cleaning of the office. We have since learned that this office worker resides with the Richmond driver who was tested positive.


Washroom keys for TransLink facilities will be distributed to drivers next week.

In Solidarity Mark Beeching



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