Recent Site Updates

Changes to the main site will be logged here. You can email the Web Master below if there is any problems.

Latest Updates

  • Images used on web site - 08/03/2021

    I have updated the website to use Commercial free images, and removed potential Copyright images. Also there is a section for viewing or downloading of the ATU International magazines with in the past 3 years.

    You can now email from contact us page instead of being diverted to the executive page in order to email them.

  • New Presidents Report Web Page - 04/11/2021

    New page added, so that the President’s Report can be displayed along with the Archives when available.

  • Updated CBA Page - 02/23/2021

    The CBA page has been updated to reflect the new ratification of the Collective Agreement. As always you can search this page quickly to find sections and articles with-in the Collective Agreement.

  • New Private Forum - 09/26/2020

    A new private forum has bee created to allow ATU members only to share ideas and comments.

  • Blog content issue resolved - 06/01/2020

    Blog content was not being displayed due to to an upgrade to a newer version the blog program. A refresh of the cache seemed to correct the problem and content was now made available to viewers.