Mandatory Vaccines

ATU 1724 has received many emails and calls regarding the Mandatory Vaccine Policy. Our local must refer to labour law to make decisions.

Actions taken thus far:

  • Our lawyer and ATU Canada have been contacted regarding the vaccine policy. Their legal opinions stated that, aside from a small number of medical exemptions, challenges to these mandates will not likely be successful in labour law
  • Our lawyer’s opinion on the “Attestation Forms” is that they are legal.
  • Management and TransLink have been asked to provide testing as an alternative to vaccination. Our local has not received a response at time of writing this
  • Management has been approached telling them that member privacy must be adhered to
  • Notices to the membership have been published through mass email explaining that the union has few recourses but the grievance procedure and that grievances are filed based on the merits of each on a case by case basis.
  • Management have been approached asking for more details on the policy.
  • The executive is reviewing legal opinion to determine if a policy grievance is viable.

The issue of vaccination is extremely polarising, it is important that we recognise and respect one another as brothers and sisters. It is crucial that privacy is upheld. We ask that every member take every precaution possible to stem the waves of COVID 19. Disagreement is a natural human condition. We must find ways of communicating and listening to one another with respect.


Finding meeting venues has been challenging. Some of our regular venues were not available for the October meeting. Zoom meetings cannot be held in place of in person meetings. We are hoping to find regular venues in the new year.